I work with diverse English-speaking businesspeople in the U.S., South America, Canada, UK, Israel, and other countries.
Ideal clients are business owners and professionals who are super-talented: You have a ton of experience, knowledge, credentials or all three, and your audience is not like you so it can be a struggle to reach them. Addressing this challenge can help you plan for and cope with change and uncertainty. 
Here are examples of people I have helped:
A business owner worked with me to broaden the appeal of their business and reach a more upscale market. They now have a new brand and many new clients.
An insurance agent coached by me overcame her fear of cold-calling and selling.
A non-profit worked with me to extricate their website from a sub-par platform and promote their organization more effectively on a brand new site.
A senior manager worked with me to cope with uncertainty following a massive corporate reorganization. Now she works closer to home and is much happier.
A musician coached by me found the courage to leave a retail job and land a new full-time gig doing what he loves.
There are many more examples. I’m happy to share one that’s most relevant to your goals!