Code of Ethics
As a professional coach and accredited member of the Association for Coaching, Ari’s coaching practice is aligned to the AC Code of Ethics and good practice standards.
The Coaching Approach
Focus & Clarity – Ari will help you increase your focus and gain clarity about professional goals, related life matters… and more. We have unlimited potential as human-beings, Ari’s role as a coach is to nurture your talent and to help you identify “blind spots,” limiting beliefs and barriers that are preventing you from thriving.
Working Partnership – The most important aspect of coaching is the coach and client relationship. When working with Ari you will build complete trust in one-another, identify key areas of growth together and work together in a confidential environment to ensure the partnership delivers optimal value. Although some sessions are likely to be challenging, the supportive environment created within the partnership, ensures that you always feel supported
Insightful Coaching –  The best results are achieved whilst you are in flow and when a coaching session is in flow, the insights that come to the surface can be powerful. Ari will often ask to share a feeling, observation or insight, helping clients to raise their own level of awareness and consciousness.
No Liability or Warranty
Ari shall not be liable for any claims that arise against a client in connection with coaching they received from Ari. Client agrees to indemnify Ari for any such claims that may arise. Coaching is provided by Ari at the direction and sole discretion of the client with no warranties as to its suitability or utility for any particular purpose or endeavor.
Practical Arrangements
The terms of the coaching program are determined by the client’s needs. We will work together to develop a coaching plan that is best for you. This includes the following:
▶︎ Method; Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype, Zoom
▶︎ Frequency; Weekly / fortnightly / monthly
▶︎ Duration; number & length of session(s) – average partnership is 10 weeks
▶︎ Timings; dates & times
Confidentiality is assured unless the client shares information that is potentially harmful to them or to other people / persons. Ari will not share any information presented by a client without the expressed permission from the client.
Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel a session this can be done by telephone or email at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, payment will still be required for sessions missed without 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.
Data Protection
During the coaching relationship, Ari may keep written notes from client sessions on file and personal information relating to the client in electronic form. Session recordings will also be made and kept during the coaching program. Ari will keep all notes and recordingss with the consent of clients and will destroy all such materials after a period of 6 months from the date the coaching relationship ends.