Here’s what some people I’ve worked with have to say.

I have been working with Ari for the past few months. His attention, experience and tools helped me to clarify my priorities, gave me peace and taught me a new way to start my day. He has been an amazing coach. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend his work to anyone seeking to improve their life.
— Daniella M., Startup Founder & Mentor
I’ve had the privilege to work with a handful of career coaches in my life. Most come in with a predetermined agenda – irrespective of whether it fits with the candidate. Ari didn’t. Ari approached the meeting with no such agenda; and preferred – instead – to see where our conversation led. …And, even better – for someone like me, who likes to know the why behind things; we also delved into the science of things. I would have no hesitation recommending Ari as a career coach to anyone who felt they needed a spark or support in their quest for employment.
— Chris P., Communications Innovator
Ari is a superb coach who enabled me to overcome my reluctance to use the phone in sales (especially cold calling, which is intimidating). He is a dynamic, empathic listener who helped me sharpen my own listening skill. He is kind, motivated and generous with his time and his array of skills. He really helped me grow in skill and confidence, and I have recommended him to a good friend of mine.
— Susan S., PhD
Ari has been an indispensable partner to Footsteps. He earned the inaugural Footsteps Community Pillar award in 2017 for his ongoing volunteer work with our organization. He works with our members one-on-one and runs workshops teaching them how to improve their resumes and practice for job interviews. 
— Betsy F., Director
Ari is a pleasure to work with. He has a keen sense of what the customer wants and he also does an incredible job of listening to what is essential. You cannot go wrong working with Ari. He will transform your business and I highly recommend him.
— Dean B., VP
I’ve had the benefit of working for Ari for over five years while launching a new Data & Information Management department. He provided direction and coaching, and acted as a knowledgeable sound-board to work through complex issues of planning and implementation. He was able to both effectively manage and participate in projects without ego to ensure their effective execution.
— Greg K., Senior VP
​​​​​​​Ari is a true professional who not only has extensive market data experience, but who takes the time to understand his clients’ detailed needs which enables him to achieve service improvements at lower costs. He is an excellent manager whose team performed at a very high level. He is also adept at developing the talents of his team enabling them to take on greater responsibilities.
— Anthony V., Managing Director